Learning to Seek, Find and Abide in the Lord

Do you ever feel “not enough”? We strive to keep up and we measure our value on how perfectly we perform. The truth is, we will never be enough. Perfect performance is impossible. When Jesus tells us to abide in him, it’s means much more than to “live in” or “dwell”. It is a forever rest from striving for perfection, from trying to do it on our own. Abide in Jesus: his power is enough.



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Walking in Eden?

I’m so glad you’ve come to walk with me in Eden. Our journey is all about learning to seek, find and abide in the Lord.

When Adam and Eve were in Eden they walked and talked with God every day. There were no barriers – no sin, no fear, no shame. There was simply perfect communion with God, Father, Friend. Then they ate the off-limits fruit and sin brought separation. Suddenly they understood good and evil – and hid from God in shame. He was still Father and Friend, but the unity was broken.

Enter Jesus! God’s whole plan of redemption is to bring us back into communion with himself. Jesus’ death ripped the veil in two: he destroyed the barrier separating us from unity with our Father! Earth today may be a shadow of what Eden was, but Eden isn’t about the trees and flowers and fruit. It’s about dwelling with the great God of the universe – beautifully and intimately, no barriers.

If your heart has ever yearned to know God more, to walk together with him on the path he’s laid for your life – if Jesus’ promise to abide in you as you abide in him makes you long for that rest and security – then you, my friend, are in the right place. I’m right here with you on this journey! God has been teaching me so much that he wants me to share with you. I haven’t “arrived”, but I’m learning. I’m so happy you’re here to learn with me!

Jeremiah 29:13
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